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Two people with flipchartThis is an area for professionals and anyone who is looking for detailed information and guidance.  If you are looking for easy-read information please look at the other pages on this website.  You could try the A-Z of Services and there is a range of easy-read leaflets in the leaflet rack.

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Building the Right Support / Transforming Care Detailed Information

Local authority learning disability commissioners survey on Transforming Care

In August 2016, learning disability leads at all councils with adult social services responsibility (CASSR) were asked to complete an online survey regarding delivery of the Transforming Care programme.

The aim of the survey was to:

  • Identify the key challenges for local authorities as part of Transforming Care Partnerships
  • Better understand the support needs of local authorities to inform the LGA support offer, and the wider Transforming Care programme sustainable improvement programme

The survey was completed by 68 councils, representing 45 per cent of those with responsibility.

Following analysis of survey responses, a series of information packs have now been published.

Transforming Care Survey Information Packs

Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) Aims and Eligibility Easy-Read Guidance

CTPLD Easy-Read Standards November 2016 [Download pdf]

Link to guidance from Photosymbols


Learning Disability Employment Strategy 2010 – 2013 [produced by CTPLD – Download pdf]

A plan about how learning disability services and the North Somerset Learning Disabilities Partnership Board are going to help more people with learning disabilities to progress on a pathway to work and get paid jobs.

The North Somerset Learning Disability Employment Strategy is being updated and will be included as part of a bigger strategy document called the Joint Commissioning Strategy, this should be finalised in 2016.

Learning Disability Supported Employment Standards Guide April 2011 [produced by CTPLD – Download pdf]


The Real Tenancy Test

Supported_Living NDTI Detailed Developing Supported Living options for people with learning disabilities [Produced by the National Development Team for Inclusion NDTi]

Information for Medical Professionals

What social care staff need to know about GP learning disability registers, annual health checks and the Summary Care Record – Information from the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)

STOMP is about making sure people get the right medicine if they need it and that people get all the help they need in other ways as well. It is about encouraging people to have regular medication reviews, supporting health professionals to involve people in decisions and showing how families and social care providers can be involved. STOMP also aims to improve awareness of non-drug therapies and practical ways of supporting people whose behaviour is seen as challenging.  More information is available from NHS England.  Stopping over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both (STOMP)

A presentation has been produced to mark the anniversary of the introduction of STOMP which may be of particular interest.  NHS England Presentation

Health Checks for People with Learning Disabilities including young people aged 14 and over and Producing Health Action Plans [produced by Improving Health and Lives – Download pdf]

Health Checks for People with Learning Disabilities including young people aged 14 and over and Producing Health Action Plans Action Summary [produced by Improving Health and Lives – Download pdf]

Learning Disabilities Tips for Doctors [produced by General Medical Council]

Top 10 Tips for Consultations with People Learning Disabilities [produced by CTPLD – Download pdf]

GP Practice – Step by Step Guide to Implementing Annual Health Checks [produced by Royal College of General Practitioners – Download pdf]

Health Action Plans

A Picture of Health

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities


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