Cash Personal Budgets / Direct Payments

Cash Personal Budgets and Direct Payments

This is where money is paid directly to you so that you can use it to buy your own care and support.

If you are struggling to manage at home, you may be able to have a personal budget.




Risk assessment

North Somerset Council will arrange for someone to meet with you and your family to talk about your situation, how much money you receive, how much money you need and make suggestions about what might help you manage better.

North Somerset Council has to agree you might be at risk without support.



Girl with thumbs upWith a Cash Personal Budget:

– You can choose from a greater range of services and can organise your support in a way that suits you and your family.
– You might choose to go somewhere socially other than a day centre.
– You may buy items which help you to be more independent.

There are many types of support you may wish to consider but the choice must be related to your agreed needs and be seen as ‘cost effective’ by North Somerset Council.  We will check your plans to see if what you want to buy with your personal budget is ok.

Paying for Care and Support


You have to be able to manage the money and show North Somerset Council that you have spent it as agreed.  You could employ a Personal Assistant of your own choice. If you choose to employ a Personal Assistant you take on a legal responsibility as an ‘employer’.  North Somerset Council’s Direct Payment Support Team will help you with this.


Thumb DownYou cannot use your cash personal budget for:
– Everyday expenses like food, rent or mortgage; household bills.
– Equipment and services that health or social care services should provide.
– Gambling or buying lottery tickets or anything against the law.
– Anything which North Somerset Council feels does not meet your needs or could make your situation worse.
– Employing someone who lives with you (except under very special circumstances agreed by North Somerset Council).
– Using an agency not registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to support you with personal care needs such as washing and dressing.


Office deskIf you are already receiving services from Adult Social Care, you can ask to change your arrangements to a cash personal budget.

If cash personal budgets are not suitable for you a managed personal budget or a mixed personal budget might be available.

If you would like to find more information about personal budgets please call the Direct Payment Support Team on 01275 882900 or ask your Social Worker for advice.