Council Managed Personal Budgets

Managed Personal Budgets

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This is where North Somerset Council looks after the money that has been allocated to you and use it to pay for your care and support.

If you are struggling to manage at home, you may be able to have a personal budget.



Risk assessment

North Somerset Council will arrange for someone to meet with you and your family to talk about your situation, how much money you receive, how much money you need and make suggestions about what might help you manage better.

North Somerset Council has to agree you might be at risk without support.


Girl with thumbs upWith a Managed Personal Budget North Somerset Council will pay for services on your behalf including:

– Care provided in your home which might be help with washing and dressing.
– Day care provided by a provider on the Council’s list – known as the Provider Framework Agreement.
– Residential or nursing home respite – also called short breaks.


The good things about Managed Personal Budgets are:

 Thumb Up– You don’t have to worry about managing the money.
– North Somerset Council will find a provider for you and arrange your service.
– If you are unhappy with the service you can ask North Somerset Council to help.
– North Somerset Council only has agreements with Providers who meet with North Somerset’s requirements so you know the Council is always looking at the quality of the service.


You cannot use your managed personal budget for:

Thumb Down– Buying services from a provider not on the list of agencies with whom North Somerset Council can contract.
– Employing a Personal Assistant directly yourself.
– You cannot suddenly take a ‘cash equivalent’ and choose to do something different. (Although some people choose to have a managed service and a cash payment together this takes a little while to set up).



Social workerOnce you and your Council worker have agreed a support plan, this will be sent to our Brokerage Team.  The Council’s Brokerage Team works to find providers who can match your needs.

The Brokerage Team will contact you to discuss what can be provided and see if you are happy to accept.  Once you have given the go-ahead the provider will contact you directly to arrange a start time.

For more information please contact Care Connect on 01275 888 801.


Other personal budget options are available:
Cash Personal Budgets / Direct Payments
Mixed Personal Budgets