Employment Plans

Employment Plan for People with Learning Disabilities in North Somerset

Picture of people around a desk planning employmentThe North Somerset Learning Disability Employment Strategy 2010 – 2013 is a plan about how learning disability services and the North Somerset Learning Disabilities Partnership Board are going to help more people with learning disabilities to progress on a pathway to work and get paid jobs.

The North Somerset Learning Disability Employment Strategy is being updated and will be included as part of a bigger strategy document called the Joint Commissioning Strategy, this should be finalised in 2016.

Picture of To Do List or Action PlanWe hope to develop a new action plan based on the following:
– Good supported employment should be available to all.
– Personal Budgets should be used to fund job coaches.
– Person Centred Employment Reviews.
– Transition Reviews: employment needs to be a first consideration in these.
– Better off in work calculations.
– Promotion of the message – “jobs for people with a learning disability”.


Picture of a Job CentreJobcentre Plus and the “Work Programme” provides ways for supporting people with a learning disability:

– On the job training as a greater part of education courses.
– Exit job coaching as part of courses.
– Part-time and holiday jobs whilst people are in school/college.
– Workforce training.