Family Carers

Family Carers

Family CarersIf you care for an adult member of your family with a learning disability there are different ways of receiving advice and support.





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The Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities offers specialised training to carers, families, support staff, home managers and care professionals across North Somerset.  Course details can be found on the Training Events page.

– For a Course Prospectus and Booking Form for Health related events please see the leaflet rack.
– For Adult Social Care events please see CPD Online.
– For dates, times and contact information please see the calendar.


Picture of different types of carer.Family Carers are represented on the North Somerset Learning Disabilities Partnership Board by Carers Support Alliance (formerly Crossroads Care).

For more information about support for carers in North Somerset see Alliance Homes Group.




TeamYou can also receive advice and support from the Care Manager / Social Worker of the person that you care for.

For more information please contact the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD).




TeenagersIf you are a parent of a young person with a learning disability you may be interested in looking at the information around Pathways to Adulthood also known as Transitions.  A range of leaflets are available in the leaflet rack.  More information and links to other websites are available on our Pathways to Adulthood page.




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For advice and guidance about your rights and responsibilities as a parent in supporting the person you care for to have different types of successful and fulfilling relationships please see relationships and the leaflet rack.





Where?If you provide care and support to an adult friend or family member, you may be eligible for support from your local council.  This support could include being offered money to pay for things that make caring easier. Or the local authority might offer practical support, such as arranging for someone to step in when you need a short break. It could also put you in touch with local support groups so you have people to talk to.  You can receive a Carers Assessment which will show how much support you are able to receive.
Carers BenefitsInformation about Carers Assessments is available from the following websites:

NHS Choices




TCare Act 2014he Care Act 2014 makes carer’s assessments more widely available to people in caring roles. For more information, read about the Care Act changes for carers.






Google SearchThe North Somerset Online Directory  is a good way of finding out which organisations in North Somerset you can contact for advice.