Going to Hospital

Going to Hospital

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If you have health needs that mean you need to visit the hospital for treatment, there are ways that you can be supported to help you understand what to expect.

If you have a condition that needs treatment your doctor (GP) may refer you for a planned appointment at the hospital.  This could be something that can be treated the same day and then you will leave the hospital.  This is known as an out-patient appointment.

Other conditions may need you to stay in hospital for one or more nights.


Picture of lady in a hospital gown with a liaison nurseMost people in North Somerset are referred to 3 main hospitals:
Weston General Hospital – Weston-super-Mare
United Hospitals Bristol – Bristol Royal Infirmary – this includes:  General Hospital, St Michaels Hospital, Dental Hospital and Eye Hospital
North Bristol NHS Trust – Southmead Hospital

All of these hospitals have someone who can offer more help and be aware of your needs.  There is a Hospital Support leaflet under Hospital in the leaflet rack.


Picture of traffic light hospital assessment form

The Traffic Light Form gives lots of important information about you.  If you are going into hospital you should take this form with you.  Anyone looking after you will be able to read this form and know important things about your communication and support needs.  The Traffic Light Form is available under Hospital in the leaflet rack.


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Links to more information:

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Picture two professionals and a flipchartMore detailed information and guidance for medical professionals is available in the Business Area.