Growing Old with a Learning Disability

Growing Old with a Learning Disability (GOLD)

Picture of lady wavingIf you are over 45 years old and have a learning disability you may be interested in going to a new group that is being set up for people like you.  The ‘Golden Friends Group’ is the chance for you to make new friends, have a chat and talk about things to people with the same interests and a variety of health issues.

For more information about when and where we meet please contact the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities.



Picture of group of people working together to planWe all decide on the sort of things we want to discuss.

In meetings this year we have talked about:

Staying Healthy
How to get a good nights sleep
Planning your visit to a GP

Picture two professionals and a flipchartSometimes we have guest speakers who are people who can provide information about a subject in more detail.

For example, in one of our meetings we talked about Staying Safe Online





Picture of man in wheelchair holding a tick signWe talked about using computers safely, how we use computers, tablets and mobile telephones to help us to keep in touch with our friends and look up information.  We talked about what we could do to use computers safely and try and stop people that we do not know and trust from getting information about us.





Picture of Google SearchIf you click on any of the following links you will find more information about the things we talked about.