Job Coaching

Job Coaching

OfficeJob Coaching is also known as Supported Employment.
Disabled people may not be able to get a job without a job coach to help them on their way. Job coaching is particularly important for people with moderate or severe learning disabilities.
Job coaching (and employer engagement) is a skilled role and people doing the role need to have had training to do the job successfully.



Jobstar logoJobstar is a service to support people to find work and to support them when they are in work

There are four stages to well supported employment:

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Stage 1 – Person Centred Employment Review
– Advice and counselling and training about work.
– Benefits advice – particularly focusing on ‘better off calculations’.
– Job profiling – identifying an individuals’ goals and abilities.
– Individuals with a Person Centred Employment Plan.



Application formStage 2 – Initial Job Coaching and Employer Engagement
– Job search training.
– Setting up work trials.
– Help to find jobs.
– Linking with employers.
– Work skills training.



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Stage 3 – Employment Support in Work
– On-site support sessions.
– Help to develop networks of support outside and within the workplace.





man with goalsStage 4 – Career Development







More information about Job Coaching is available on the Government website: Access to Work