My Person Centred Plan

My Person Centred Plan

Picture of lady pointing to herself and her plan called a path.

A person centred plan is a way of helping you work out what you want now, and in the future.

Person centred planning will support you to make choices and changes in your life.

A person centred plan is about you.

You are the most important person in the plan.


Picture of lady choosing support staff– You can decide who you want to support you to make your person centred plan happen.  It could be your family, friends or professionals like support workers.

  • – When you have chosen your support a meeting will be arranged that will include everyone involved in your plan.

– You can choose where the meeting happens.


Picture of lady pointing to herself referring to her own plan– When you have decided what you want to do, the people involved in your person centred planning meeting will design a plan that is personal to you.

  • – You can choose which drawings, photographs and symbols you want to include.

– Your plan will be used by the people around you to build up a better picture of who you are and how they can help and communicate with you.


Picture of computer search facility.More information about person centred plans is available on the following websites:

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