Paying for my Care and Support

Paying for My Care and Support

Paying for Care and SupportYou can receive money from the Government to help you pay towards the health and social care support you need.

Your Social Worker will be able to provide more information and advice about the choices that are available.




Picture of score chart.If your level of need means you are able to receive services from the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) you will be allocated to a Social Worker.  The Social Worker will do an assessment to find out what your social care needs are and will work with you to make sure that you are receiving the right care and support.



Picture of lady pointing to herself and her plan called a path.


We will meet with you, your family and support staff to develop a support plan which will include details of what care you should receive and what you want to do now and in the future.

Your support plan will be reviewed regularly, either by a Social Worker or Community Reviewing Officer. We work with other professionals to support you to receive the services you require.

Picture of someone with their own money.


You may be eligible for money from North Somerset Council to pay towards your care and support.  This money is called your personal budget.

A personal budget is the amount of money North Somerset Council agrees that you require to meet your support needs.



Picture of person making a choice.There are different types of personal budget:
Cash Personal Budget  / Direct Payment – this is where money is paid directly to you so that you can use it to buy your own care and support.
Managed Personal Budget – this is where North Somerset Council look after the money that has been allocated to you and use it to pay for your care and support.

You can also have a Mixed Personal Budget – this is a mixture of a Cash Personal Budget and a Managed Personal Budget.


A man with a clipboard assessing financial need.


You cannot have a personal budget if you live in a care home all of the time, but some people use a personal budget to pay for short stays in a care home.

North Somerset Council has to agree you might be at risk without support.



A worker from North Somerset Council talking about finances.


A worker from the finance team at North Somerset Council will contact you to arrange to talk to you about your financial situation.

They will tell you if you need to pay towards your support.



Picture of NHS Money known as a personal health budget.


If you also have health needs you may be referred to another member of our team who can talk to you about the health choices available.

If you are assessed as needing Continuing Health Care (CHC)  you may be eligible for your own personal health budget that will enable you to have more choice about your health care.




  • Cash Personal Budget and Direct Payments
  • Managed Personal Budgets
  • Personal Health Budgets