Our Psychiatrist can provide a service for you if you have a learning disability, live in North Somerset and have mental health issues.

The Psychiatrist is happy to speak to you about anything that is upsetting or worrying you.

The Psychiatrist will help with problems like feelings, eating, sleep, mental illness, memory and epilepsy.



Picture of professional providing adviceThe Psychiatrist also links with other professionals who work with us to provide a service to people with learning disabilities.

We provide assessment and consultation on mental health issues and advice or support with medications.

The family and carers of a person with learning disabilities can receive consultation regarding supporting a person with learning disabilities in mental health crisis.


Picture of clinical waiting roomIf an appointment has be made for you with the Psychiatrist it will be at on of the following clinics:

Long Fox Unit, Weston-Super-Mare
How to get to the Long Fox Unit [Download pdf]

Windmill House, Clevedon
How to get to Windmill House [Download pdf]