Our Psychology Team are specially trained to help you with your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

We work with people to find out what the problem is:

– We talk to you on your own.
– We talk with you and your families and carers together.
– We work with people with similar problems in groups.



Picture of lady looking sad and withdrawnEverybody is different but some problems are more common.  For example:

– People feeling worried.
– People dealing with big life changes.
– Difficult relationships.
– Difficult / Upsetting experiences.



Picture of lady with thought bubbleWe work out:

– What the problem is.
– When the problems happen.
– Where the problems happen.
– How often the problems happen.



Picture of group of people working together to plan

We try and work out with you what can make things better.

We offer teaching and training to other people who can help.