Safety in Relationships

A relationship is the word used to describe how we get on with other people.

We all need relationships, they can help us to feel good about ourselves.

It is important for all adults to have the choice to learn about and have different types of relationships such as friends, lovers, marriage or becoming a parent.

It is really important that you feel safe in any relationship.


Two friends out for a drink together.

A social relationship with a friend who you can relax and have fun with.  Someone you can go out with to different places and maybe make more friends.





Pciture of a young man and woman kissing each other.

An intimate personal relationship is with someone who you may want to kiss and cuddle or have sex with.  Both of you must give your consent.  Consent means you both agree.





Picture of family on sofa

A family relationship is when you care about, or receive care and support from a member of your own family.  This could be a parent, brother, sister or other relative.





Picture - the rights and wrongs about relationshipsMore information about your rights and responsibilities about relationships and the rights of your family, carers and other professionals is available in the leaflet rack and in The Law and Me – Rights and Wrongs about Relationships.




Picture of computer search facility.

For more advice and guidance about relationships you could refer to the following websites:

British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Easy Read Information about Friendships and Relationships




Picture of easy read booklet and DVDHere are some recommended information and resources including clear books and DVDs – please note some resources may incur costs.





Books Beyond Words – a selection of books for people who find pictures easier to understand than words.

Adults with Learning Disabilities or Autism

Falling In Love
Hug Me Touch Me
Making Friends


Keeping Healthy Down Below
Looking After My Balls
Looking After My Breasts
Loving Each Other Safely

Life Support Publications – includes educational DVD resources suitable for children and young people including those with learning disabilities.

Picture two professionals and a flipchartMore detailed resources designed for carers and professionals are available in the Business Area.