Safety In The Community

Safety in the Community

Safety in the CommunityIt is important that you feel safe when you are away from your home.  There are ways that you can be supported to feel safe.





Safe Places logoA Safe Place is a place you can go to if you are lost or frightened when you are out and about.

– If you join the Safe Places Scheme you will receive an ‘I Need Help’ card to carry around with you.
– Any shop, business, or Council facility which has a sticker with the big yellow safe place logo (like this one) displayed will be able to help if you are confused or in trouble when you are in the community.
– There are Safe Places across North Somerset and in other Counties in the Avon and Somerset Area.

The Safe Places Scheme is run by Avon and Somerset Police and their website provides more information including how to join the scheme and where the Safe Places are.  More information is also provided by the Brandon Trust