Types of Accommodation

Types of Accommodation

Types of AccommodationYou can choose the type of home you would like to live in.

  • – Residential Accommodation.
    – Supported Housing.
    – Supported Living.




Residential AccommodationResidential Accommodation – This is somewhere you can live,  sometimes this is with other people but it can be for just you.  This is usually a bedroom that belongs to you but you share communal spaces with others.
Someone else owns the property and you do not rent or own the property.  The organisation who owns the property has to give you 28 days’ notice if they no longer want you to live there. Your food, accommodation, bills and support are included in one overall cost.


Supported HousingSupported Housing – This is somewhere you can live, this will not be a permanent home but a short term tenancy.

You will be supported to move on to become more independent and find long term accommodation.  General support is available but this is somewhere for people who already have some skills to live by themselves.



Picture of lady choosing a homeSupported Living is when accommodation and support are separate. The support providers does not own the property you live in.  There are different types of Supported Living:

– Single Person.
– Shared Housing.
– Core And Cluster.



Picture of man opening front doorSingle Person – You live alone and have an individual tenancy.  Support is provided to you in your home.





Shared HousingShared Housing – You live with others so you have your own bedroom but you share some areas like the lounge or kitchen. You might have an individual tenancy or a joint tenancy.  Support is provided to you in your home.





Core and clusterCore and Cluster – You live alone in a self-contained property. Other people live around you in other self-contained properties. You have an individual tenancy.  A support team is based on site and you are supported in your property.




The differences between Joint Tenancy and Individual Tenancy
Joint Tenancy Individual Tenancy
All tenants are equally responsible for all rooms Tenancy is for bedroom and shared spaces
If one person leaves the tenancy expires If one person leaves the other tenants are not affected
You can choose who you want to live with Tenants are matched to suit each other but don’t necessarily choose other tenants